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Life sciences & biotechnology
Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Creating innovative patient-centric solutions by transforming business models and improving market access.

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Health policy & bioethics
Health Policy & Bioethics

Transforming policy, stakeholder engagement and bioethics in healthcare innovation to ensure high quality solutions for rare diseases as well drug development for gene and cell based therapies.

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AI and disruptive technologies
AI and Disruptive Technologies

Leveraging our extensive experience in value-based healthcare to transform digital care delivery systems and improve patient outcomes.

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  • Trusted advisors to life sciences organizations, goverments, non-profit organizations and patients worldwide
  • A global leading professional services company

Core Services


Executive advisory Services

We work with executives and C-­suites of life sciences companies seeking patient-centric solutions by transforming business models and improving market access.

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Business Model Transformation

We are primarily focused at the forefront of functional developments in integrated care solutions, market access, pricing, evidence generation including Real World Evidence and policy. We help clients pioneer new organizational models leading to improved operating efficiency and driving business growth.

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Value & Evidence Generation for Successful Commercialization

We develop novel evidence-based methods to drive efficiencies in medical and commercial data generation, data synthesis and data utilization.

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Strategic Lifecycle Support

We support our clients from early development with value and evidence generation strategies; through launch with value demonstration and payer solutions strategies and late cycle management with new indications and competitor response scenarios.

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Stakeholder Engagement

We help our clients better understand the evolving rare diseases and curative therapies landscape to maximize and manage interactions with key and relevant stakeholders.

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Health Policy

We support our clients in aligning common interests of all relevant stakeholders to pragmatically drive healthcare systems towards greater sustainability and improved access to innovation.

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Our bioethics consultation services address issues at the intersection of ethics, law, health research and clinical care with a focus on rare diseases and curative therapies.

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AI and Disruptive Technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Possibly one of the most transformative forces in healthcare and biopharmaceutical development, we help our clients understand and implement some of the potential benefits of AI while helping to shape policies and regulations governing its use.

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Blockchain: Distributed Ledger Technologies

We help our clients navigate one of the most important and disruptive technologies in healthcare. Blockchain is applicable across a wide range of healthcare activities, from identity management, to access control, to data distribution, to measuring patient relevant outcomes as well as value-based payments and smart contracts.
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Technology Enabled Care

By creating a bridge between patient engagement (health technology, digital media and mobile devices) and analytics (big data, AI and machine learning) we help clients discover insights that allow them to deliver better treatment experiences for patients and improve health outcomes.
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