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Artificial Intelligence & Health

Artificial Intelligence as one of the most transformative force in healthcare, life sciences and biotechnology.

AI offers a wide array of potential for all involved in the healthcare ecosystem. Benefits of AI ranging from prevention and predictive analysis, early disease diagnosis, clinical decision making, treatment optimization to research and development. Additionally, AI can revolutionize patient self-service, optimize efficiency in administrative and operative procedures and has played a crucial role with epidemic and pandemic readiness.

Some challenges remain however to widespread adoption. Advancements in AI, Machine Learning and Big Data have raised concerns regarding their ethical capacity to work in society’s interests. Consequently, new laws and regulations governing the use of disruptive technologies can be anticipated globally.

A holistic approach is critical to effectively navigate a highly interconnected, regulated, and global digital healthcare eco-system.

At Pamanicor Health we are known for our extensive expertise in digital innovation, international decision-making, policies, reforms, and regulation, as well as large scale public consultations. Coupled with our scientific experience and biopharmaceutical success.

This makes Pamanicor Health the ideal partner when it comes to understanding AI, Big Data, Disruptive Technologies alongside the rapidly evolving healthcare and Life Sciences environment.

Our Digital Advisory