Blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in Healthcare

„Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in healthcare: How COVID-19 and forward-looking technologies are revolutionizing the status quo”

This non-fiction book explains the interrelationships in an easy-to-understand way, even for readers with no prior technical or medical knowledge, and shows the opportunities and advantages of so-called disruptive technologies for the future development of healthcare, but also critically examines their limitations.

As the COVID 19 pandemic impressively shows, a sustainable healthcare system cannot do without technological progress and certainly not without digitalisation.

Numerous examples from national and international practice illustrate the development to date and make it clear that there is still a need for many countries to catch up with regards to these technologies.

The book offers:

  • Explanations of the most important terms related to the digitisation of the health sector
  • Current technological trends and growth areas with practical examples from around the world (including start-ups, clinics, research and development, governments, large corporations)
  • General overview of efficiency, sustainability, benefits and risks of disruptive technologies
  • Digitisation developments and international comparisons
  • Recommendations on disruptive technologies taking into account regulatory, economic, socio-political and ethical aspects
  • Examples of artificial intelligence and blockchain as a means of coping with the COVID 19 pandemic
  • Outlook on future developments (healthcare 5.0) and the role of big tech in a networked ecosystem (healthcare 6.0)

Health concerns us all! For this reason, this book is not only aimed at doctors, but also at all those interested in the subject (including insurance companies, public institutions, industry, research and teaching) and those outside the healthcare sector, who want to learn more about the latest technological trends in healthcare and their economic, political and social implications, in order to be able to have their say in this increasingly important topic and to be able to make independent, solution- and purpose-oriented considerations. Furthermore, this book is for decision-makers in politics as well as investors in the health sector.

This book is one of the few publications on the market to date, if not the only one, that combines the two important disruptive technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in one publication and shows their interconnectedness and impact on the global healthcare ecosystem.