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Blockchain & Health

Blockchain offers substantial opportunities to reinvent healthcare and the use of data.

Blockchain is rapidly becoming an important and disruptive technology in healthcare. It can seamlessly position the individual at the center of the healthcare ecosystem.

Blockchain is not a promise anymore. It is reality!

Blockchain-based technologies offer substantial opportunities to reinvent how healthcare ecosystems access, collect, distribute, share, monitor and audit data. Increasing the security, privacy, and interoperability of health data. Both public and private entities should be prepared to identify where Blockchain could improve their operations and interactions with key stakeholders within the healthcare system.

Key benefits of Blockchain include for example:

  • Supporting the exchange of patient data
  • Authentication of patient records
  • Drug traceability and secure supply chains
  • Genomics research and precision medicine
  • Outcomes-based payments
  • Validation and payment of claims
  • Accelerate clinical trial transformation

Located in the heart of Blockchain Valley Europe, we are uniquely placed to help clients navigate this transformative technology. Our extensive expertise in disruptive technologies and value-based solutions places Pamanicor Health at the forefront of patient-centered healthcare.

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