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Improving quality of life for those in need

For the founders of Pamanicor Health AG, it has always been an aspiration to give back to society and to make an effective contribution for improving the quality of life for others.

During their international careers as successful business professionals and entrepreneurs, they have continuously supported charities globally and locally around their social and business day to day life. By building on their extensive network around the globe, they create a unique platform for sustainable philanthropic work for Pamanicor Health AG.

“Giving for us is not just about making a donation.

It is about making the essential difference.

We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone.”

Nicole Formica-Schiller, CEO and Founder

Through its charitable activities Pamanicor Health AG pursues its desire to support those in need. A team of international accomplished healthcare executives combined with exceptional entrepreneurial spirit is the vital essence of Pamanicor Health AG.

Quality of life is essential. Good health is the basis for that.

Enriching health of others for the better is what underpins everything we do at Pamanicor Health AG. For us this comes with the success of helping companies develop new business models and winning strategies for bringing new, innovative medical therapies to patients. Creating innovative business solutions and seeing them helping our clients and patients succeed is our driving force. We are committed to the view that quality matters, bringing clients and patients only the very best driven by ambition, creativity and innovation.

Our Vision

The vision of Pamanicor Health AG Charities is to improve quality of life for those in need. We strongly believe that we can only be successful over generations, if we also support those who are on the periphery of our society. Causes which don’t appear in everyday news, that sometimes seem to be forgotten, but are also part of our existence. Whether it is people, animals or cultural heritage.

Making a valuable difference

The projects we choose must be clearly aligned with our philanthropic approach. We only work with charities that are dedicated to sharing the same vision. Donations to the projects we support must have a considerable effect, make a valuable difference and be beneficial to those affected and in need. This is not only by giving financial aid but also by bringing the right people together as well as physically participating in hands-on charitable work.

For Pamanicor Health AG Charities it is essential to have a personal relationship, identification, authentic dedication and preferably a direct involvement in the projects. Therefore, we make an in-depth screening of any foundation and institution to be supported by us, including official reporting on how the charitable contributions are used. We only support charity programs which put a lot of emphasis on transparency and full commitment to improve life to the better. We focus on organizations and projects which are small to medium size.

Our Charitable Projects

We pursue projects that matter and alter the world for the better, always through a lens of medical expertise and innovation. For us any project can be attractive. No project is too small, too non-standard, too niche, or “out of geographic reach”. For us what matters is the motivation and the potential for a change for the better.

“IImproving the quality of life for others, is the ultimate quality of life for ourselves.”

Dr. Mel Formica, Co-Founder

At Pamanicor Health AG Charities, our aspiration is to bring together the core of our company, “Medical Excellence. Exclusive Service”, with philanthropic projects for the best outcome possible for all involved.

Potential for a change for the better

The remarkable projects we are involved in and the people behind them vary extensively.

A helping hand to patients with rare diseases

At Pamanicor Health AG we are proud to support organisations empowering people with an orphan disease.

Encouraging the feeling of team spirit and community

Since many years the founders of Pamanicor Health AG support Insieme Cerebral, a 1967 founded and certified Swiss association for people suffering of mental, cerebral or multiple disabilities.

Supporting those with unique needs

The founders of Pamanicor Health AG and its team show appreciation for the amazing job all charities and organizations worldwide do for helping to improve life for the better. Therefore, we are continuously supporting various other organizations locally and internationally.