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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

As market access pressures continue to increase, it is crucial to engage with the relevant stakeholders at the appropriate stage of a products development, launch, and throughout its lifecycle.  Understanding the evolving rare diseases and curative therapies landscape and the need to better equip our clients to maximize and manage interactions with key and relevant stakeholders, we have developed unique and innovative approaches to engagement frameworks and communication materials to support clients achieving stakeholder engagement excellence.  Engagement with stakeholders must be relevant, impactful and integrated across all functions.

Our framework for planning and executing effective stakeholder engagement programs addresses the key challenges facing the life sciences industry such as:

  • engagement with multiple stakeholders with different, and sometimes conflicting, priorities
  • the diversity and influence of stakeholders can vary widely in different disease areas and countries
  • in rare diseases, stakeholder groups may lack adequate capacity and not be well positioned to engage effectively
  • the need to engage with stakeholders early

Stakeholder relationships must be coordinated across multiple internal functions to avoid redundancies and to maintain control and consistency in messaging and collaboration.  Key to effective stakeholder engagement is that interaction must be a dialogue rather than a one-way flow of information and must be collaborative from the beginning.