Digital Ethics

Digital Ethics

Our digital ethics consultation services address issues at the intersection of advanced technologies, ethics, law and healthcare. We help our clients develop concepts and methods related to digital ethics that enable a patient-centered, integrated assessment of the effectiveness of economic, social, cultural and ethical issues for complex digital technologies. By focusing on an integrated assessment, we match the need of decisionmakers who prefer this to dealing with scattered information on innovative and complex technologies.

More specifically, we adapt and develop methods and concepts:

  • to assess the effectiveness and economic, social, cultural, and ethical issues of complex technologies
  • to elicit patient preferences and patient-specific moderators of treatment
  • to include context, setting, and implementation
  • to integrate these issues into a patient-centered, comprehensive assessment of disruptive technologies

Our services help clients decide how to respond to ethical concerns. In addition, we provide independent and informed advice for ethically questionable research and provide commentary and explanations to the public of research performed, and in some cases provide education.