Executive Advisory Services

Executive Advisory Services

Building a new agile and scalable business in Europe

A startup with an Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product was looking to establish European operations.  The CEO was reluctant to make any significant investments given his perceived uncertainty regarding the access and pricing environment in Europe and was looking for a commercial model that could ensure patient access to their product.

Working closely with the Executive Management team we were able to first provide a pragmatic view on the likely access and pricing scenarios for their product.  With alignment on the commercial value of their asset, we developed an integrated and coordinated strategy across all key European countries allowing a customized and agile go-to-market approach and flexibility to respond to any changes in the environment.  The goal was to achieve better business decision-making by ensuring that tactics were grounded in sound access and commercial criteria and position the client as a preferred partner by presenting it as the reference for overcoming major healthcare challenges.

To maximize commercial value, we worked with the executive team to develop innovative market access solutions with a customer-centric approach that effectively addressed stakeholders’ unmet needs.  Organizationally, we planned ahead by building cross-functional and integrated teams early to maximize synergies and alignment among different departments and gated investments according to key milestones, while still ensuring maximum launch success.  The outcome was to help the CEO maximize results, create value and improve the company’s positioning in the market.