Value & Evidence Generation

Value & Evidence Generation for Successful Commercialization

Launching a new regenerative medicine into Europe

A US based biotech company with a portfolio of gene- and tissue-based therapies was looking at acquiring deep knowledge of key European markets so that a sustainable stakeholder engagement strategy, innovative solutions and related capabilities can be built to drive patient access success.

We proposed a series of interconnected workstreams that strengthened or enhanced the client’s launch readiness for Europe.  The initial phase of the engagement focused on acquiring a deep knowledge of key European markets and identifying and understanding current and evolving innovative customer solutions and related capabilities.

The next phase of the engagement was to build a framework and materials to bring excellence to market access stakeholder engagements.  Stakeholders have different roles in the access process and respond based on specific engagements styles and drivers, which influence their decision-making.  With new advanced therapies, existing stakeholder maps and profiles may not be applicable, and therefore, we ensured that innovative stakeholder pathways were identified specific for regenerative therapies.

Next, we developed a cohesive and compelling evidence-based story to demonstrate the value to payers to achieve the maximum price and access.  Finally, we outlined a systematic commercial access approach to understanding the eco-system and determining the optimum plan of action.