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Policy & Matrix Networks™

When there is a lack of neutral or effective exchange formats to dynamically challenge the status quo, evaluate progress and accelerate innovation, Pamanicor Health Policy & Matrix Networks™ helps.

With a multidisciplinary stakeholder network for targeted results. We create an environment where public and private sector leaders can explore new ideas, collaborate to solve problems, and create value for society. We prepare every stakeholder for the successful adoption of digital and health innovation.

Our Framework

Our framework for planning and executing effective stakeholder engagement programs addresses key challenges such as:

  • Engagement with multiple stakeholders with different sometimes conflicting priorities
  • Identifying key stakeholders already at an early stage
  • Managing the diversity and influence of stakeholders which can vary widely across countries
  • Supporting stakeholder groups that may lack adequate capacity and not be well positioned to engage effectively
  • Organizing consortia that engages serves and partners with multidisciplinary stakeholders

Our Work

Our work ensures that the clients’ interests are represented on a proactive basis where possible and reactive where appropriate. Protecting and enhancing their visibility, presence, and reputation. Specifically, we support our clients with:

  • Developing and implementing government affairs and public policy strategies at national and international level
  • Aligning country government affairs and public policy strategies to regional strategies through co-creation and co-development
  • Leading the monitoring of EU policy developments with impact at EU and country level
  • Coordinating the sharing of information as well as policy updates and best practices
  • Supporting and leading client representation and participation with relevant stakeholders
  • Monitoring policy and regulatory environment with the goal of providing detailed information and learnings on dealing with developments in the industry environment
  • Leveraging roundtables and expert consensus panels