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Who we work with

Who we work with

Pamanicor Health AG serves life sciences organizations, governments, nonprofit organizations and patients worldwide.

We work with many top biopharma and medical services companies. In serving our clients we often partner and engage with patients to incorporate and embrace patient needs and preferences. We provide an opportunity for our patient partners to go beyond the role of research subjects and become actively engaged partners in designing and implementing innovative and transformative healthcare systems solutions.

In addition, we work closely with regulators, payers and health technology assessment authorities to help our clients understand the value and market access decision drivers for their products. We work with payers across varying levels to ensure our clients have the insights necessary to develop novel and sustainable access strategies across the product life cycle.

We also work with innovative leaders in the fields of AI, Blockchain and Digital Health, by helping them navigate the complex regulatory and evidence standards and in developing innovative solutions for improved system efficiencies.